Model name: C-950D
LOA: 10,7m
WOA: 3,0 m
Draft (m): 0,8 m
Weight (kg): 3400 kg (Light weight)
Hull material: GRP
Engine(s): 2x 350 hp Mercury Verado
Propulsion: outboard
Cruise speed: ~40 kts
Top Speed:> 52 kn
Special equipment: Deck track system, retractable (telescopic) mast, weapon mount and boarding equipment integration, aluminium “stealth” console with glass bridge navigation
Other: Sea container transport system with self-propelled RHIB Crawler available.

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Model name: 1100 Triple inboard

Length variants 11,0 m | 10,0 m
Beam 3,5 m
Speed  FAST
Max load 2500kg
Propulsion Inboard sterndrive : X 3
Hull material:  advanced composite


Other information.

RhibCrawler Container Transport System

Remote controlled boat cradle for easy loading and unloading to and from a shipping container and around dock area.


Remote Controlled Boat Cradle

Boomeranger RhibCrawler allows fast and easy loading and unloading of the boat to and from a shipping container. RhibCrawler can be also used to launch a boat using the tow eye on the front of the cradle. Cradle is equipped with remote controlled hydraulically height adjustable wheels and motors on the rear wheels to allow operation with minimal heavy equipment and personnel.

Hydraulic Motors

Rear wheels are equipped with heavy duty hydraulic motors with brakes to allow controlling and moving the cradle. Motors can be used for short distances independently and assisting when towing the cradle.

Height Adjustable Wheels

All four wheels have height adjustability using robust hydraulic cylinders. System allows minimal height in container and possibility to drive the cradle inside container. System is capable of lifting a boat with payload weighting up to 6500 KG with ease.

RhibCrawler and Container Advantages

Container allows moving the boat with ease and RhibCrawler allows unloading it from the container and launching the boat in minimal time. Container also protects the boat and gear inside the container and no covers or wrapping are necessary. Launching the boat with RhibCrawler does not require unnecessary lifting and heavy equipment.

Hydraulic and Electrical System

RhibCrawler is equipped with heavy duty hydraulic system and parts. Entire system is powered by 24 V electrical system with AGM batteries. Built-in battery charger allows system to be ready whenever needed without external power supply.

Wireless Remote Control System

Robust wireless remote control system allows controlling the wheel heights and motors in a straightforward way. Intuitive switches and labeling allows safe operation with minimal training. Only three persons are needed to operate the entire RhibCrawler system.

Options and Accessories

RhibCrawler cradle can be equipped with container corner castings to allow easy transportation of the boat also without container for example on ship decks. To ensure best operational capability, containers can be equipped with power connectors, solar panels, air compressors and other customer specific requirements.

Container Compatability

Max. Boat Length 12.00 M 12.00 M 12.00 M 13.70 M
Max. Boat Width 2.33 M 2.33 M 2.42 M 2.42 M
Max. Boat Height 2.16 M 2.46 M 2.16 M 2.46 M
Max. Boat Weight 6500 KG 6500 KG 6500 KG 6500 KG


Total length of RhibCrawler is 10.26 meters and width 2,32 m. Illustration shows Boomeranger C-950D Special Operations Boat with total length of 10.5 m inside 40 feet pallet wide high cube container. Hull supports are always modified according to the shape of the boat to allow best support and fit inside a container. Customized RhibCrawler sizes are available on request.